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Catalogue Generator Application :

One of the abilities of the Pars Pipe Data Module is to Generate Catalogues. Which is done Easy, Rapid and Accurate.

Schematic Pictures and using default and Built Catalogues as Template makes the Catalogue Creating Easier and User Friendly.

In the other hand Pars Pipe Data has a Massive Collection of Catalogues ( More than 1600 Catalogues ) in its Database and ready to create Piping Material Specification (PMS). Which Includes all of the Piping Components such as all types of Valves, Pipes (Metallic, PVC and GRP), Connections  (But welded, Socket Welded, Threaded, PVC, Sanitary ), Tees ( Reducer and Straight ), Elbows, Flanges and ...

Application to create Piping Material Specifications (PMS) :

Pars Pipe Data can automatically create PMS very Fast and Accurate (According to ANSI,  ASTM,  DIN,  ASME, IPS, IGS Standards )

Usually it takes something about 250 man/hour to create piping material specification for a project, which in Pars Pipe Data it takes only 10 Minutes to do it.
in the other hand the ability to create PMS manually hasn't taken from user.
Some Bold Features of Pars Pipe Data can be pointed below :
  • It has more than 900 Material Codes according to ANSI, ASTM, DIN, ASME, IPS, IGS Standards.
  • Catalogue Management according to Classes
  • Report Management according to Rating
  • Creating Automatic PMS ( Piping Material Specification) according to ANSI, ASTM, DIN, ASME, IPS, IGS Standards and Material Standard and Material Code
  • Rapid and Automatic PMS Calculation and Creation ( Only in Ten MINUTES )
  • Creating and Calculation Branch Table Data both in Automatic and Manual
  • Database Management
  • Export the PMS and Branch Table data to Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF
  • Easy and Fast Reporting
  • Relevance to MESC codes