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Pars Supporting :   Fast / Easy / Automatic
Pars Support is another of the Intelligent Pars Plant modules that focuses on 3D modeling of Fulcrums, Supports and Pipe Arranging.

Our DataBase Consist of these Supports :

  • Slide U Bolt For Vibrant Piping
  • Tight Strap
  • Clamp For Shoe Support
  • Guide Shoe For Horizontal Pipe
  • Clamp Shoe Supports
  • Slide Shoe
  • Guide Shoe
  • Guide Shoe with foundation
  • Simple Hanger with Pipe Clamp
  • Simple Hanger with Pipe Guide
  • Spring Hanger with Pipe Guide
  • Simple Hanger with Lug
  • U Type Support For Pipe
  • L Type Support at Grade
  • Single Trunnion on Vertical Pipe
  • Fixed Stool at Elbow
  • Adjustable Stool at Elbow
  • Bracket on Vertical Vessel For Horizontal Pipes
  • Bracket on Vertical Vessel For Vertical Pipes
  • Guide Shoe With simple Stanchion and Foundation
  • Guide Shoe With U Type Support
  • Angle Support at Grade
  • Foundation Support in unpaved area
  • Simple Stanchion For Spring
Some Bold Features of Pars Support can be pointed below :
  • Our DataBase includes more than 130 types of Supports as Template, ready for you
  • All Supports are in accordance with Pipe Support Standard
  • Automatic recognition of Pipe size and Automatic design of the chosen Support on it according to your PMS
  • Link of Support Details according to Standards
  • Single or Group Supporting With / Without Slope Calculation After modeling of the Piping
  • Single or Group Supporting With / Without Slope Calculation Before modeling of the Piping
  • Group Supporting with / without Isolation according with Pipe Support Standard
  • Neighbors Management of Pipe and Supports
  • Support Placement According to Standard or User Defined
  • Isolation Management ( Hot, Cold and etc. while supporting )