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Special Item Generator :

You can create ANYTHING with it

Special Item Generator is a part of Pars Equipment Module which applied to model the basic components needed to create various Equipments and Supporting for all needs of user. For this matter, User determines basic parameters of any components, and software will draw the components easily. This happens is a very short time and highly accurate.

The following components can be easily drawn by special item software :

  • Cylinder
  • Nozzle
  • Dished
  • Box
  • Elbow Circular
  • Elbow Rectangle
  • Pyramid
  • Pyramid Frustum
  • Sloped Cylinder
  • Reducer
  • Tee ( Straight and Reducer )
  • Cross ( Straight and Reducer )
In this software you have the ability to change “Base Point” and “UCS” of the components, both automatic and manually.
After the drawing is done, user can review components information just by clicking them.
After everything is done, user can define the whole equipment in a Single Block for AutoCAD and use it that way. He can also save the information in special item program’s Data Base for future use.