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Pars MAP : INFORMATION : Digitalized / Storage / Management
Pars MAP is another Pars Plant's modules. This module focuses on Storage, Management and Usage of information as a Pictorial Environment. (Pictorial ISM)

This module can be used for Digitalizing EVERY Environment, such as :

  • Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Government Organizations, Units, Offices
  • None Government Organizations, Units, Offices
  • Cultural Heritage Organizations
  • Museums, Schools, Universities, Colleges  and all of Educational Environments
  • etc.
Some Bold Features of Pars MAP can be pointed below :

  • Database Management : You can Manage whether the information would store in Pars MAP data base, or the location you want to store
  • Project, Unit and Picture's Management.
  • Panorama Picture can give the opportunity of accessing to all the directions and axis points of the Unit
  • Storage and management of Infinite Number  of Information on a single point on the picture
  • User can define the Information Nods on the Pictures in order to define the Information on them.
  • User can add "Types of Definitions" and Create a Custom made Definitions for storage of the Information.
  • User can store all kind of Information such as : Pictures, Films, Plots, Documents and etc.
  • Can be used on Designing As Built Plots
  • Identification of the coordinates of all the points in the Picture.
  • The Alarming Process, Which can be used for Maintenance, Repair, Cleanse, Substitution and Anomaly Avoidance
  • User Friendly and Easy to Learn and Use