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Pars Electrical :   Tray Size Calculation / Easy Design / Fast
One of the other intelligent modules of Pars Plant Software is Pars Electrical.
Pars Electrical focuses on Designing Trays, Arranging Cables, and 3D modeling of Trays according to standards specially "Huttell".
These Types of trays are available for users as template :
  • Standard Tray
  • Rack Tray
  • Ladder Tray
  • Cable Rote
  • Instrument Rote
  • Bus Duct Arc
  • Bus Duct Rectangle
Some Bold Features of Pars Electrical can be pointed below :
  • Calculation of the Length, Width and Height of the Tray proportionate of Quantity and Arrangement of the Cables according to Huttell Standard.
  • Comprehensive Standard Cable Tray DataBase for your use.
  • User Defined Trays
  • Easy Design and very User Friendly
  • Easy Drawing, all you need to do is Giving Directions, everything else is done by Pars Electrical
  • Clash Calculation
  • Automatic design of Elbows with different angles
  • Ordering Trays on Top of each other with specified distance
  • Automatic Section Drawing (which shows complete data such as the quality and arrangement of cables)
  • Automatic Design and Model of Bend, Tee, Tee Reducer, Cross, Cross Reducer, Inside Riser, Outside Riser, Concentric and Eccentric Reducer according to Trays
  • Hanger and Slipper Supporting both in Group and Single use.
  • Complete and Denotative MTO
  • Stretch movement of the Trays at your call
  • Deleting Component Process
  • Sloped Tray Process
  • Size Reduction process and use of needed component automatically.