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Pars Viewer : Low Volume files/ High Quality / Easy Controls
Pars Viewer is another module of the Pars Plant Engineering Software.

Your project will transfer to an Interactive Environment which user can Walkthrough and check for errors in Three Dimensional World. So reworks and errors can be avoided and the result will be saving the Project time and cost.

Some Bold Features of Pars Viewer can be pointed below :

  • Walkthrough the Project even before Printing the Plans.
  • Avoidance of Reworks and Extra  Expenses.
  • Provide an Animation from Project
  • Provide Animations from users movement path.
  • Identification of Clashes
  • Human Model for Scaling and identification of Clashes.
  • Simulation of Flow Direction
  • Identification of Components according to PMS
  • Component Information
  • Increase or Decrease the Linear and Rotary Motion
  • The ability to merge Projects in one Walkthrough
  • Movement and Rotate with both Mouse and Keyboard
  • Part List extraction from all of the components